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Le Gouvernement des Pays-Bas approuve le financement pour cinq ans d’un programme national en appui aux adolescents et jeunes au Burundi. (New)


In a ceremony this 12th October 2015, the Minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, the Resident Coordinator of United Nations System, UNFPA Representative (lead of GBV Working Group), National Director of IRC (co-lead of GBV working group) and 25 other heads of UN agencies, Government institutions, national and international organizations, have affixed their signatures on the document of "Standard Operating Procedures for the prevention of and response to Gender Based Violence in humanitarian setting."

This signing event follows on a participatory process that was initiated in July 2015, as part of the Working Group on GBV in humanitarian setting. Established in 24th June 2015, this group aims to improve GBV prevention and response in various kinds of humanitarian settings in Burundi through coordination, capacity building of stakeholders, advocacy and resources mobilization.

As stated by the Minister in charge of Gender in his speech, "The Working Group on GBV in humanitarian situation doesn't come to replace other initiatives pertaining to the fight against GBV, but rather aims to strengthen and complement them". He reassured the audience about his commitment as a "Man" to the fight against GBV in general and support to this group in particular in a context where the meteorological services of Burundi announce a series of floods.
The Resident Coordinator of United Nations system meanwhile recalled the importance of taking into account GBV in all crisis situations as it exacerbates populations' vulnerability to GBV, especially women and girls.

So, this signing ceremony marks a significant turning point in the context of GBV coordination in humanitarian situation in Burundi, and a strong commitment of all actors to fight together against GBV in any situation.