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IMIS - Burundi now online:

IMIS Burundi is an integrated system for managing socio-demographic and economic data. Its objective is to provide users with reliable, invulnerable national databases enabling, among other things, the generation of relevant indicators.

It is a tool that centralizes, merges, processes and renders information in real time. It also strengthens the national statistical system by providing users with a powerful tool to facilitate secure access to data and databases of statistical operations.

IMIS Burundi is developed, managed and put online by the Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU) helped by the technical and financial support of UNFPA.

The role of centralization and dissemination of data is played by ISTEEBU, which is conferred on it by the 2007 statistical law.

On Friday June30th, 2017, the technical team of ISTEEBU went to the demonstration of IMIS - Burundi in front of the Minister of the Presidency in charge of Good Governance and Planning together with the Resident Representative of UNFPA.


IMIS- Burundi is now operational and accessible through the following link: